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FairPlane service

If you experience a flight delay of more than 3 hours or if your flight was cancelled you are eligible for a compensation payment. Claim your money that the airline rightfully owes you.

For all clients that do not want to wait for their compensation, we have FairPlane Express – receive your payment within 24 hours!


Advice from the expert Professor Schmid:

„Extraordinary circumstances are often used by the airline as an excuse to not pay compensation. Let us help you claim your compensation, let us analyse your claim!“

Choose your option:

Claim compensation with lawyer

FairPlane Standard

  • Payment after your claim was successfully enforced
  • Time to completion in court – up to 6 months
  • Your claim is handled by our lawyers
  • Success-based payment **

** Total compensation minus 24-35% included VAT

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When you use FairPlane Standard our lawyers will claim your compensation payment from the airline, if necessary at court. To proceed with this option you need to sign a power of attorney to allow our lawyer to get active on your behalf.

You have no cost risk using this option. The costs for the lawyers and the court fees are borne by FairPlane, unless the airline hasn´t taken over these costs. Should our lawyer be successful with your claim, we will keep a success-based compensation of 29% included VAT.


Flight from Munich to Mallorca – total compensation: EUR 250
Payment after successful claim against the airline: EUR 177,50
EUR 250 minus 29% included VAT = EUR 177,50

The time to completion varies depending on a potential out-of-court settlement. In case your claim needs to be enforced at court it can take up to 6 months until you receive your money. In case our lawyer is not able to enforce your claim, you will not receive any compensation. But in this case you will not have to pay any fees or costs.

Which clients are interested in this service:
  • You like to take risks and would like to receive a higher payout in case of success
  • You do not need a cash payment now and are happy to wait up to 6 months to receive your compensation
  • You like to cooperate with our lawyers and would like to be involved in the enforcement of your claim against the airline

Guaranteed payment upfront

FairPlane Express *

  • Guaranteed payment within 24 hours *
  • Complete your claim in 3 minutes online
  • No lawyers and no power of attorneys
  • Payment within 24 hours *

* After all necessary documents have been received.

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When using FairPlane Express you assign you claim for compensation to us. Therefore we are able to pay you upfront for your claim, regardless of the result of enforcing your claim. For you the transaction is completed once you receive the payment from us. FairPlane then tries to enforce your claim on it’s behalf, if necessary at court.

You will receive an immediate payment within 24 hours and there won’t be any additional costs to you. All kinds of costs for the lawyers and the court fees are borne by FairPlane, unless the airline hasn´t taken over these costs.


Flight from Munich to Mallorca – total compensation: EUR 250
Payment within 24 hours: EUR 127,50

During the data entry process you will be able to sign an online assignment and upload your booking document. Therefore you are able to complete all necessary steps to receive payment within 3 minutes.

By assigning the claim to FairPlane we take on any enforcement risk associated with your claim. There are no costs to you and you receive your money upfront, 100% guaranteed.

Which clients are interested in this service:
  • You want to minimize risk by receiving an immediate payment
  • You do not want to interact with lawyers or be a potential court case
  • You want to complete all necessary steps online within 3 minutes in order to enable payment