General Questions

1. Who is FairPlane?

FairPlane is a Europe-wide company established in Austria in 2012. We operate unique systems and strategies to assist passengers in obtaining their rightful compensation where their flight has been delayed, cancelled or overbooked.

2. How does FairPlane work?

FairPlane and the experts we work with have access to a variety of flight information, weather data, and databases on aircraft movements. In addition, our lawyers have the latest European jurisdiction decisions and swap information regarding specific flights. By accessing this data, the combination of this information and because of the specific legal expertise of our lawyers, we are able to almost guarantee the success of your claim. FairPlane’s charges are based on success…so there is no financial risk to our customers. The costs for the lawyers and the court fees are borne by FairPlane, unless the airline hasn´t taken over these costs. FairPlane will only charge a fee, depending on the amount of received compensation. This performance-based fee is up to 24-35% of the obtained compensation included VAT (by variant FairPlane Standard).

3. What does FairPlane do, that I couldn’t do myself?

Our lawyers have experience from thousands of procedures claims and access to multiple databases on flight movements, weather, airports and on European and national passenger law. The combination of the flight data made ​​available and legal expertise enables us to maximize your chances of success and shortens the processing time significantly. 80% of all cases received are concluded with the maximum amount of compensation paid.

We ensure that your claim with the airline is taken seriously and processed quickly.

4. How much compensation can I claim?

The amount of compensation due to you depends on several factors. The decisive point is whether your flight has been delayed or cancelled and what delay you have had in the circumstances.

The FairPlane compensation calculator takes you step by step through specific questions that arise on the basis of conditions for claims under the EU passenger rights regulation. This result may however differ from your actual claim.

5. How can I instruct FairPlane?

Instructing us is simple. All you need to do is calculate your compensation using the compensation calculator then fill in your details. We will then email you a legally required letter of instruction and start your claim for you. We will need you to upload a proof of ticket e.g. email confirmation but that is all. We will then make the claim for you.

Better still, if you were traveling in a group e.g. a family, you can submit all of the claims in one go.

6. Can I submit flights from the past?

Yes. You are entitled to compensation for any flight taken in the last 3 years! So check your email history – you may have more claims in there!

7. Can I claim costs incurred while waiting at the airport?

The reimbursement of these costs can be directly with the airline. These are not covered by Article 7 of the EC Regulation 261/2004 and are not covered by the compensation. In our experience, these costs will be refunded by sending copies of receipts to the airline e.g. food, hotel, phone bills.

8. Can I check my claim for free?

Yes. With our compensation calculator you can verify your claim for free. Our compensation calculator will calculate compensation without you being required to go ahead with a claim. Click here to get started.

Get up to € 600 compensation (less our fee of 24-35% included VAT)

Quick, easy and risk free flight delay compensation claims

Help for compensation calculator

1. What information do I need to submit?

The compensation calculator takes you step by step through the answers to the main questions for us to check your eligibility.

Such as:

What were the flight number and date of your flight?
What is the booking reference for your flight?
Were there any connecting flights?
Did the airline tell you why there was a delay/ cancellation?
Finally, we need your passenger data and your ticket or confirmation of your booking.

2. What documents do I need from the flight?

There is no problem if you do not have your boarding pass or flight coupon. We just need a confirmation that you have a valid booking. This is possible by means of a booking confirmation ticket, invoice email or a flight voucher. Only one of these documents, sent to you prior to departure, is necessary for the processing of your compensation claim.

3. Where can I find my flight number?

A flight number begins with the 2-digit code of the airline and the 2- to 4-digit flight number (eg LH 1234).

4. Where can I find my booking code?

A booking code is also called a booking number, reservation number or airline job number. It always consists of a combination of 6 letters for example ZXGC4. The letters are written in BLOCK CAPITALS.

5. Can I submit claims for other people?

Yes, provided you have their consent to do so. Our FairPlane compensation calculator gives you a quick and easy entry of additional passengers the claim submission process.

6. The compensation calculator says FairPlane cannot take on the case. What now?

We have to judge all claims based on the information on our systems. We only take the claims we think we can be successful on but this does not mean that you have no chance of success, just that we believe your chances are less than 60%. You are perfectly entitled to contact the airline yourself and demand your compensation. Remember, you have 3 years to make a claim (this means actually issuing court proceedings) after which you would be legally barred from claiming.

Get up to € 600 compensation (less our fee of 24-35% included VAT)

Quick, easy and risk free flight delay compensation claims

Logistical questions

1. What’s next, after I submit my claim to FairPlane?

Once your case is confirmed, it will be assigned, depending on the airline and travel route, to one of our team. You will be sent some terms and conditions as well as information about your claim. We will then contact the airline to demand payment.

2. Who handles my claim?

We are a firm of solicitors and so handle all claims in-house. We work in teams so you may receive information from different people throughout your claim. We are the only firm of solicitors who do nothing but claims against airlines – we are the experts and will ensure we get the best compensation for you.

2.1 Who bears the cost of making the claim?

We do. We bear all of the costs of pursuing your claim including the insurance and any court or enforcement fees. We only deduct our charges from your compensation if we win.

3. How do I find out the current status of my claim?

We will keep you updated on your claim by email. If you have any questions then you are able to email us at any time. We will try to reply within 24 hours.

4. How long does it take until I receive my compensation payment?

Much of this will depend on the airlines. Some pay quickly, others do not. Where they don’t pay, we issue court proceedings against them on your behalf. If we have to issue proceedings then your claim can take longer than the average. We will keep you informed of the progress we make at all times.

5. How do I pay for your fees?

In general, the airline will pay the compensation directly to us. We will then deduct our fee of 29% included VAT. We will then transfer the rest to your bank account electronically.

6. When should I enter my account information?

You need to give us your account details only once we have received the payment of compensation from the airline. We will inform you immediately by email as soon as your account details are required for the transfer. We will send you a link to enter your details securely on-line.

7. The airline has contacted me and made ​​me an offer. What should I do?

Please do not reply directly to any offer, but forward it to us. Often the airlines try to fob you off with a low offer. Send the offer to us at We will check the offer and let you know whether we think it should be accepted or not.

8. The airline has offered me a flight coupon or bonus miles. What should I do?

For airlines, flight vouchers or bonus miles are a very affordable alternative to paying compensation.

We advise against accepting these. You are entitled to Euros so you should be paid in Euros. After all, you may not want to use that airline again! As above, please forward all such offers to us at

Get up to € 600 compensation (less our fee of 24-35% included VAT)

Quick, easy and risk free flight delay compensation claims

Further Questions

1. Do I have to pay tax on the compensation?

No. Compensation is not taxable.

2. What if I receive no compensation?

If we do not succeed, you will be notified accordingly by us. You will not have to bear any costs, or pay us anything.

3. I have a question that is not answered here.

Just send your questions to us at and we will get in touch.

Get up to € 600 compensation (less our fee of 24-35% included VAT)

Quick, easy and risk free flight delay compensation claims